Alex Trebek Was Simply the Best: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. Stability and comfort. We all seek it. We all want it. We all love it.

That's what Alex Trebek gave us, hosting Jeopardy! every single week night at 7 p.m since 1984.

(I know Jeopardy! airs at other times across the nation, so save your tweets and just go with me here.)

As sports fans, we especially love stability. We loved knowing every single Dodgers game was going to be called by Vin Scully. We loved knowing Marv Albert would be behind the mic for a big NBA game. We love knowing every Saturday morning, Lee Corso is going to put on a mascot head.

And this country as a whole loved knowing that no matter what was going on in the world or in a person's life, they could turn on their television at 7 p.m. and Alex would be there running the iconic game show.

That's why Trebek's death on Sunday stung a little more. It truly was like losing a friend. We knew it was coming, but that didn't soften the blow. 

Trebek put up a public fight against pancreatic cancer and always appeared upbeat. There was one notable time when he let his guard down slightly, and it instantly became a powerful television moment.

Trebek gave us other memorable moments throughout his illustrious career.

Who can forget his cameo in White Men Can't Jump? According to Rosie Perez, Trebek didn't get flustered when she flubbed a line and kept the scene going as only he could.

Trebek also wasn't shy about showing his disappointment in contestants when their performance was shaky at best, which famously happened once when "Talkin' Football" was a category.

But what we all need to remember today is Trebek was also an excellent rapper.

Thank you and rest in peace, Alex.

2. Twitter does not miss an opportunity to gloat when someone loses. No, I'm not referring to Donald Trump here. I'm referring to Tom Brady throwing three picks in a 38–3 loss to the Saints on Sunday night.

3. This was the single best play that took place Sunday.

4. Just want to help out Tony Romo here. Obviously, Romo is great and we appreciate any broadcaster dropping Seinfeld lines during a game. However, you must get the quote correct. During Sunday's Steelers-Cowboys game, Romo said, “It’s only a lie, Jerry, if you believe it.”

The exact quote from George Costanza, though, is "It's not a lie, if you believe it."

5. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with the legendary Paul Heyman. The podcast started with Heyman's questioning me when I asked how he was doing. He then ripped me for writing that Bobby Heenan is the greatest wrestling manager of all time. Then we got into Heyman's role as Roman Reigns's special counsel and how that partnership came to be. The podcast ended with Heyman sharing behind-the-scenes details and insight into his famous "pipe bomb" on Vince McMahon.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

6. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Every now and then, you just gotta tip your cap to the internet.

7. SPORTS VIDEO OF THE DAY: NFL Films interviewed Alex Trebek about that "Talkin' Football" category that turned out to be a disaster, and he pulled no punches.

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