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Jim Nantz Reportedly Wants to Get Paid, and You Can't Blame Him: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. New York Post sports media columnist, and frequent SI Media Podcast guest, Andrew Marchand reports that last week's SI Media Podcast guest, Jim Nantz, is looking for a big salary increase from CBS.

Marchand's sources say Nantz is looking to exceed the $17.5 million per year Tony Romo is getting paid.

Naturally, people will focus on Nantz wanting around $18 million a year and freak out. And, yes, paying two men $35 million a year to call 17 to 21 football games may seem excessive, but if you look at things objectively, you can't blame Nantz for wanting to get paid.

For starters, Nantz is the face of CBS Sports, calling the NFL, golf and NCAA basketball. The man works a lot and is at the top of his field when it comes to calling games and events. He checks both the quality and quantity boxes for CBS. He represents the network well and is the consummate professional.

Then there's this nugget from Marchand: Joe Buck is pulling in $10.5 million a year at Fox while Mike Tirico's salary at NBC is "near that number."

If you're Nantz, you can't be happy seeing your peers make that much more moola. There isn't a slight difference in salaries. It's significant. So it's just human nature that Nantz would want to get his. 

It's hard to imagine Nantz ever leaving CBS or CBS ever parting ways with Nantz, so I have to believe a new contract, with a hefty raise, will come for the veteran broadcaster. 

The question is whether it will get in the range Nantz wants. CBS can use the excuse that the pandemic has hurt profits. The network lost a ton of money not airing the NCAA tournament this year. The Masters ratings were a disaster, and NFL ratings are down. The timing for Nantz seeking a major raise isn't great. 

If he somehow pulls off getting paid more than Romo, and Nantz ends up cashing checks for around $18 million per year, you can bet Joe Buck will be on the phone with his agent as soon as possible.

And round and round we go.

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