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Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy Doused in Cheez-Its After Bowl Win Over Miami

While 2020 was a difficult year to say the least for the world, some football bowl traditions bring a sense of normalcy during a chaotic time. 

We saw Nevada get penalized for spilling French fries on the field at the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. And now, Oklahoma State's head coach Mike Gundy was showered in Cheez-Its after his team beat Miami 37-34 in Tuesday's Cheez-It Bowl. 

However, it seemed to be harder than expected. 

As the final seconds ticked away on the game clock, Tre Sterling and Brennan Presley ran down the sideline, searching for the Gatorade container filled with Cheez-Its. The two crept down the sidelines, aiming to hide the inevitable surprise from Gundy. 

But, they didn't expect to lose the head coach as the sidelines cleared to shake hands. The two kept turning in circles, and eventually, a staff member pointed Sterling and Presley in the right direction. 

The mission was eventually certified as Cheez-Its bathed Gundy, some ending up in his shirt. 

What's next—the winner of the Wake Forest-Wisconsin bowl game gets showered in Duke Mayo on Wednesday?