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Tom Brady Buys $6 Million Yacht, an Upgrade From the $2 Million Dinghy He Drove in Super Bowl Parade

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: Tom Brady’s new boat, an outrageous Aussie rules football play and more.

He really does have everything

Six Super Bowl rings weren’t enough for Tom Brady, and neither was a measly 55-foot yacht. 

Brady, fresh off winning his seventh championship and six months after taking ownership of his $2 million Wajer 55S boat, has upgraded to the larger Wajer 77. The Dutch shipbuilder just introduced the 77 model, so Brady’s purchase is just a preorder, but he’s excited to get it in the water by the end of next year. Brady appeared during Wajer’s announcement of the new model to hype up the boat and explain why he wanted to buy it. 

Brady said he realized shortly after arriving in Tampa that he needed to get a boat and Wajer managing director Dries Wajer let him try out a 38-foot model before he got the 55-footer and eventually decided to splurge on the 77. 

The 55-footer famously made an appearance at the Buccaneers’ aquatic Super Bowl parade, where Brady hurled the Lombardi trophy off the back of the boat.

And while Brady surely hopes to use the new 77-foot behemoth in future championship parades, the main reason for the upgrade is to take his family vacations to another level. 

“The 55 is an amazing boat, it's been an amazing boat for our family,” Brady said. “I think the 77 will be a little more suited for what we need it for down here, which is a few more day trips and weekend trips. We spend a lot of times in the Bahamas, so going from the east coast of Florida across into the Bahamas and around the Bahamas would be really great trips for us as a family. 

“There’s so much to see here, some great reefs. Our family loves to do some diving. A lot of snorkeling, the kids do. The fact that, with the little bit bigger boat, for us, the 77 allows us to sleep overnight really comfortably. Those weekend trips will be great memories for our family for years to come.”

While Brady’s old boat only had room to sleep four people, the new one can accommodate nine, including two crew. Looking at photos and Wajer’s promotional video, it isn’t hard to see why it cost about as much as Jason Pierre-Paul’s entire 2020 salary. 

The Wajer 77 yacht in the water
The master suite of the Wajer 77 yacht

If you had a boat like that, wouldn’t you want to quit your job and spend all your time on it? The rest of the NFL would be grateful if Brady decided to retire and turn to a life of yacht

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