‘No Wonder the Stephen A. Smiths of the World Never Talk About the Stupid Sport’: Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Unleashes Vintage Rant Eviscerating the Yankees: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. It’s the Friday of July Fourth weekend. You need something light. You need something entertaining. You need a laugh to put you in a good mood.

May I present to you Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

The SiriusXM host went ballistic Wednesday afternoon when he found out Yankees slugger Aaron Judge would be getting a rest for that night’s game against the Angels and Shohei Ohtani.

Russo was livid that the Yankees would deny baseball fans a chance to see Ohtani face Judge and used this incident to blast baseball’s lack of instinct when it comes to creating theater and drama.

The Dog did a lot of screaming and, as he always does, he hit the highest levels at the perfect time.

“Tomorrow it’s gonna pour so he’s gonna get a day OFF ANYWAYYYYY!!!”

“We’re in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. You’re trying to sell tickets. Baseball has enough trouble getting eyeballs to the sets. MY GOD! No wonder the Stephen A. Smiths of the world and Bayless and guys like that never talk about the stupid sport.”

In between, he took shots at Yankees front office “minions,” Aaron Boone, Major League Baseball and ESPN.

The entire two-plus minute clip is a clinic on how to do outrage on sports talk radio and making it authentic and not forced. And it’s hilarious.

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3. As someone who became addicted to TikTok during the pandemic and now even posts video over there, I want to publicly thank J.J. Watt for this.

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5. If you are an In Living Color fan, you gotta tip your cap to Shaq for this.

6. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Happy 74th birthday to the social assassin, Larry David.

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