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Joe Buck Generates Wild Twitter Reaction After Guest Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Everybody gets hate on Twitter. Everybody.

But for some reason, long ago, it became a thing to hate on Joe Buck.

People hate on the Fox Sports broadcaster, who is one of the top play-by-play men in sports, even when he’s not calling a game.

So, naturally, with Buck beginning a weeklong stint guest hosting Jeopardy! Monday night, I knew Twitter would have a lot to say.

What surprised me, though, was the range of tweets. There were those who truly don’t care for Buck’s broadcasting style, and then there were those who don’t understand people who don’t care for Buck’s broadcasting style.

But before we get to the complaints, let’s start with Buck's acknowledging one viewer who came in with the backhanded compliment:

There were others who also begrudgingly gave Buck credit

Buck, however, did not respond to a snarky tweet by former Jeopardy! champion, James Holzhauer.

Then we have writer and author Tom Nichols, who said he had never heard of Joe Buck:

Going back to people hating on Buck just to hate on Buck, many people admitted to not understanding why this happens.

Some people threw out the Nickelback Theory when it came to Buck.

There were some rational tweets:

Sadly, there weren’t many tweets that were funny or creative, but I did find one.

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