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This Might Be Jerry Jones's Most Controversial Move Ever: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. The last thing I’d ever do as a fat person is shame someone else for having unhealthy eating habits because, you know, glass houses …

However, I will absolutely shame someone for having disgusting eating habits.

This brings us to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who was seen on last night’s debut episode of Hard Knocks absolutely covering his McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McGriddle in salt.

The breakfast sandwich, which features the vintage McDonald’s square scrambled egg with sausage and cheese between two syrup-infused pancakes, already contains 1,290 milligrams of sodium.

It’s kind of endearing that Jones, whose net worth is $8 billion, enjoys eating $4 fast-food grease and carb bombs. We also like Jones’s “I’m 78 years old and I’ll eat whatever I want” attitude. But facts are facts, and the fact is, adding salt to a Sausage and Egg McGriddle is just completely bonkers.

It also appears in the video that Jones is drinking milk, which is also vile.

I will give props to Jones, though, for having a salt shaker at his ready instead of fooling around with those tiny, annoying packets that make the salt fly all over the place when you rip them open. That’s a power move.

2. As someone who has been a big Good Morning Football fan from Day 1, I was sad to hear Nate Burleson would be leaving the show to become a host on CBS's morning show. It's a no-brainer move for Burleson, who deserves all the success. His announcement on today's GMFB showed why CBS would want him for the important role.

3. I watched Netflix's new documentary, Untold: The Malice at the Palace, last night. I shared some thoughts on Twitter.

I don't want to give spoilers, but it was stunning to see the lack of security and police presence in the arena that night. You also learn that one of Ron Artest's teammates prodded him into delivering the foul on Ben Wallace that ignited the melee. 

You would think there wasn't much to learn about the Malice at the Palace since it's been covered incessantly, but this doc came through.

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4. It's too bad the Eagles weren't the team featured on Hard Knocks this year, because I'd want to hear left tackle Jordan Mailata sing every week.

5. Just watch this Trea Turner slide.

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features a conversation with Ian Eagle of CBS Sports and Turner Sports. We talked about the possibility of Ian's replacing Marv Albert as TNT's lead NBA voice and whether he'd want the gig calling Thursday Night Football for Amazon.

Other topics and highlights:

  • Imitations and stories about Bill Raftery and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo
  • Ian is addicted to TikTok
  • How will he say Travis Kelce's last name this season?
  • Getting shamed by Tom Brady for drinking soda and eating donuts
  • His famous food quirks
  • Covering Kevin Durant

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on AppleSpotify or Stitcher.

You can also watch the SI Media Podcast on YouTube.

7RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: In honor of the Malice at the Palace documentary, here's Bill Burr on the incident.

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