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Charles Barkley Says He Named His Daughter After a Delaware Mall

NBA legend and Inside the NBA analyst Charles Barkley never ceases to keep the internet entertained and this time it was at the expense of his daughter's name. On an episode of The Steam Room, the podcast he and Ernie Johnson host together, Barkley shared the inspiration for her name, Christiana. 

"She's named after a mall, in fairness," Barkley said before chuckling. "There's a Christiana Mall in Delaware that I always used to go by. That's how she got her name, Christiana."

Johnson is absolutely befuddled by the train of thought that led Barkley to this conclusion. Naturally, he asked Barkley why he decided to name his child after a random shopping complex. His answer was just as you'd expect. 

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"I don't know, I just liked the mall," Barkley said. 

Johnson simply added "you're a mess" while laughing. Christiana Mall, a true staple of the Delaware community, still stands to this day. 

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