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NFL Films Catches Hilarious Rob Gronkowski Quote About $1 Million Incentive

There are two things that are true about Rob Gronkowski. He loves football and he loves playing with Tom Brady as his quarterback.

During Tampa Bay's 41–17 victory against Carolina in its regular season finale on Sunday, the Buccaneers star tight end needed to complete one task to continue enjoying the game he loves. Who better than Brady—the player Gronk has won four Super Bowls with—to help him accomplish his goal.

Gronkowski needed seven catches and over 85 yards to earn an additional $1 million in incentives. Moments before meeting his goal, NFL Films caught Gronkowski telling Brady he needed one more catch. 

Brady, who was sitting on the bench, gave his tight end a fist bump of confidence to reassure him that he was going to get the additional million. Patiently waiting, Gronkowski even reminded some of the Buccaneers personnel—who were laughing at him on film—why that seventh catch was so important.

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“If I don’t get the seventh catch, I have to go get a real job,” Gronkowski joked.

Not only did Gronkowski record seven catches, he finished the game with 137 yards. He recorded 55 catches, 802 yards and six touchdowns this season.

So, Gronkowski will not have to go get a regular job right now. He will still be playing football this postseason with a shot at earning his fifth Super Bowl when the Buccaneers (13–4) host the Eagles (9–8) on Sunday afternoon as part of NFC wild-card weekend.

Continue to ride the wave, Gronk. 

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