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Devin Booker Gets Upset at Raptors' Mascot During Fanless Game

Suns star Devin Booker did not appear to be too thrilled at the Raptors' mascot during the waning seconds of Tuesday's eventual 99–95 win.

Booker went to the free throw line with 6.5 seconds to play in the contest and Phoenix leading by a single point. As his first free throw fell through the net, Booker began gesturing in frustration, with TSN's broadcast making clear that the Suns star was upset at Toronto's mascot, who was hovering behind the rim. 

The game's referees then banished the Raptors mascot to one of the arena's corners for the second free throw, which Booker also converted. 

Booker seemingly could only hear Toronto's mascot because there were no fans in the arena. In late December, the team announced that following an announcement from the government of Ontario, that they would not sell tickets to fans for at least the next three weeks.

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“I was trying to get him out the way,” Booker said after the game, per “It worked. I’m glad to be shooting it without him down there. We play shooting game all the time every day and [my teammates] do the same thing and I complain then. That’s just me.”

Booker scored 16 points, and added five rebounds and three assists in the win.

Keep an eye out for March 11, when the Raptors travel to Phoenix, to see how Phoenix's famed Gorilla mascot responds to what happened on Tuesday.

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