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Travis Kelce Gets Interviewed by Mom After Chiefs Beat Steelers: ‘She’s the Best’

It was a memorable Sunday for Donna Kelce. The mother of Jason and Travis Kelce traveled to two playoff games 1,200 miles apart on the same day to watch her sons play, jet-setting across the country and making it to Arrowhead Stadium in time to watch the Chiefs beat the Steelers. It was a good ending to a day that started by seeing her eldest son’s team lose to the Buccaneers, as Kansas City advances to the divisional round to face the Bills.

As if making a bold entry for Mom of the Year wasn’t enough, Donna had another trick up her sleeve after the late Sunday game: NFL reporter.

Donna crashed the post-game press conference to ask her son the opening question, catching Travis by surprise after his big performance. The result was an overload of sweetness after what was surely an exhausting but unforgettable day for the Kelce matriarch:

The look of confusion on Travis’s face when the moderator says, “We'll go first to Donna Kelce,” is about as priceless as it gets. From there, Mom steals the show, with Travis clearly elated to hear his mom’s voice. When she switches to reporter mode to ask Travis how he feels after the win, the All-Pro tight end delivers with a heartfelt answer.

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“To finally throw a touchdown like I used to tell my mom when I was like five years old that I was going to eventually throw a touchdown in the National Football League, I finally got it done,” Kelce said. “It only took me nine years. That's a good question though, Mom.”

Kelce did it all for Kansas City on Sunday, catching five passes for 108 yards and touchdown while throwing a two-yard score in the fourth quarter. With a stat line like that, he’s sure to want his mom at every game for the duration of the Chiefs’ playoff run—and he might want to consider getting her a permanent press pass.

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