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Troy Aikman Says NFC Championship Game Could Be His Last With Fox

Fox Sports broadcaster Troy Aikman has been contemplating offers to return to Fox, making a move to Amazon Prime or potentially combining the two jobs, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

“Those conversations are happening now,” Aikman said. “And I’m really being as honest as I can be about it. I really don’t know what it’s gonna look like when it’s all said and done and it does get settled. As to whether I’ll be working for Fox and Amazon, whether I’ll just be working for Fox or whether I’ll just be working for Amazon. I really don’t know what might happen.” 

While Aikman will call the NFC championship game between the Rams and 49ers on Sunday, he noted that it could be his final game with Fox.

“It could be, yeah. I don’t anticipate that but it could be,” Aikman said.

The Hall of Fame quarterback has worked with Fox since the end of his professional career in 2000. He began calling Thursday Night Football in 2018.

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Amazon Prime is slated to broadcast 15 Thursday night games on only its platform in 2022, a deal that will run through the 2032 season.  

Joe Buck, Aikman's longtime broadcast partner, told Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina on the SI Media Podcast this week that he has tried not to really think about broadcasting without Aikman. 

“I try not to,” Buck said, “because it’s been 20 years and I can honestly say, I have never had one moment where we have felt like, at least I haven’t, and we talk about it all the time, we’re just lucky we’re good friends. 

“We talk about what’s out there and we talk about what he’s deciding between and everything else. I only ask questions and talk about it to a point because that’s his life. That’s his career. He knows how I feel. I don’t want him going anywhere and that’s understood. But at the end of the day, he’s going to do what he wants to do.”

One thing for sure is that Sunday will not be the last time Aikman’s face or voice will be heard or seen on air. It is a matter of what decision he makes for his future.

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