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Chandler Parson Shares Story of Kobe Bryant Covering $22,000 Club Bill

During an interview on the All The Smoke podcast, former NBA player Chandler Parsons shared his favorite Kobe Bryant story. Naturally, it didn't disappoint. The full video can be seen here

As a rookie with the Rockets, Parsons was tasked with guarding Bryant at the Staples Center and was warned Bryant would attack him when he had the ball. But, surprisingly, a friendly Bryant asked Parsons what he was doing that night during the fourth quarter. Parsons said nothing and the Lakers star said he'd set up Parsons for a night out. 

Parsons recalls getting a text from an unknown phone number later on that read, “You're all set at Supper Club,” and it was hilariously signed “mamba.” Parsons asked if Bryant would come out but he said he wouldn't be able to make it. But Parsons got a little in over his head on the night out with his teammates and coaches.  

“At this point I’m telling the table, ‘Guys I got you. Kobe’s my guy. He set it up. Let’s go,’” Parsons recalled. 

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By the time it was 2 a.m., Parsons was brought a bill for $22,000. 

“At this point I’m sick,” he said. “I’m physically like. ... No. I can't do this. This card is gonna bounce. I'll never forget this [waitress] looks at me, hands me a pen and says ‘sign for Mr. Bryant.’”

The whole night was Bryant’s treat. Parsons fondly remembers recording the bill and recalls how Bryant, a notoriously unforgiving and merciless competitor, decided to treat a young rookie on a night out in Los Angeles. 

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