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JJ Redick Drops Great One-Liner on Bob Cousy’s Competition

Former NBA shooting guard JJ Redick has made quite the career for himself post retirement from his playing days. His media presence includes appearances on ESPN and he recently dropped quite the line on the debate show First Take

While debating Chris Russo, the topic was brought up if Bob Cousy was better than Suns point guard Chris Paul. Cousy was a Celtics point guard who won six NBA titles alongside Bill Russell during the 1950s and ‘60s, but Redick didn’t care for the comparison. 

Back in those days, competition wasn’t anywhere near what it is in today’s NBA. NBA players weren’t even full-time athletes and during the offseason they’d have regular nine to five jobs. Redick was making the argument that Cousy couldn’t be compared to players who played before 1980 and how he never shot above 40% in his entire career. When Russo brought up Cousy’s prowess, Redick decided to drop a golden one-liner on the strength of competition. 

“He was being guarded by plumbers and firemen,” Redick said. 

In fairness, he’s not wrong, and this subject continues to be brought up around Redick. On Wednesday, a clip of his podcast, The Old Man and the Three, surfaced from Jan. 28 that showed Redick talking about the very same topic alongside Warriors forward Draymond Green. 

“To say Bob Cousy is a better point guard than Chris Paul … that’s ridiculous,” Green said. 

Cousy played for Boston for 13 years where he led the NBA in assists eight times, was a 13-time All-Star and was named the 1957 MVP. 

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