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Danica Patrick Opens Up About Illness She Says She Suffered Due to Breast Implants

Former racer Danica Patrick opened up on her Instagram page about her breast implant removal last week.

The 40-year-old said that back in 2014, she got implants because she wanted to “have it all.” But, years down the road, Patrick started noticing various symptoms that were caused by the implants.

She first started noticing her hair losing health and weight gain in 2018. Then, by 2020, she realized her face was a different shape, she continued gaining weight, her hair wasn’t getting healthier and she had cycle irregularity. She got various tests down and wrote down symptoms that she was experiencing.

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Following this, Patrick said she learned that she had breast implant illness. So, she ended up getting them removed last Wednesday in order to hopefully improve her overall health.

“There are a host of issues that women have dealt with and I have many, but not all,” Patrick wrote. “After watching over 100 stories on YouTube... my belief is, it’s not if but when you develop symptoms. Some are right away, others are over 15 years later. Silicone is a foreign object and leaches chemicals (look up that huge list!) that’s why the body produces a capsule around it.”

She said that she posted the lengthy details about her condition so she could spread awareness for women out there either with breast implants or considering them.

“If this post helps just one get to the root of their issues, it did it’s job,” Patrick wrote.

Since Patrick just recently had the surgery, she did not share any improvements to her health, but she said she plans to update her fans with her progress.