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Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson Watch Film Together 18 Years Later

Before his first season as the Broncos starting quarterback, Russell Wilson is getting advice from another legendary quarterback who had a career resurgence in Denver. On Saturday, Wilson posted a video on Twitter showing him and Peyton Manning watching film together.

In fact, Wilson claims he and Manning have talked football like this for at least 18 years.

When Wilson and Manning first met, Wilson was a camper in the Manning Passing Academy as a high schooler. A few years later, when Wilson was in the 2012 draft, the future Seahawks quarterback took a draft trip to Denver, where Manning had just signed and just so happened to be in the building that day.

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The two have seemingly maintained a strong relationship ever since.

Since Manning retired, he has maintained a strong relationship with the Broncos, which currently includes trying to help Wilson transition to his new team. The two are also having a little fun along the way, like teaming up to create the team’s 2022 schedule release video.

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