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Watch: Ciara Talks Moving Women Forward, Russell Wilson’s Support in Powerful Interview With SI Swimsuit Editor in Chief MJ Day

Singer and songwriter Ciara made her SI Swimsuit Issue cover model debut in the 2022 edition of the magazine released on Monday. You can check out her photoshoot here.

Ciara, who is also the wife of Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, spoke with SI Swimsuit Editor in Chief MJ Day about her feature in the magazine, moving women forward, and the support she’s gained from Wilson.

“I always say I’m a woman of ambition on a mission,” Ciara says in her exclusive cover interview with Day.

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“I’m going to go after what I want, and I believe I can get it …I’m convinced. When I think about my baby girl, this is pretty powerful. She can see me and say ‘I can do that.’ Obviously being a woman of color, but beyond that, [she can say] ‘She was a woman who went after her dreams, she envisioned this just by believing.’ That’s my greatest mission and goal, just to inspire women everywhere, just like myself to believe,” she added.

As far as the support that Ciara has gained from Wilson, she isn’t shy about heaping praise on her husband for everything he has done for her.

“It’s a blessing–there’s nothing better than having him by my side. To be able to have someone to go to that you trust, that you know has got your back, to have that in life is so precious, it’s a blessing, I know it’s a blessing, so I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for all that we get to do in life together and his support is amazing and it’s a blessing.”

Check out Ciara’s SI Swim appearance and the entire 2022 issue here.