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A war of words between Patrick Beverley and Matt Barnes continued Tuesday when the Timberwolves’ point guard appeared on ESPN’s Get Up Tuesday morning. Beverley addressed Barnes after he had some choice words for Beverley after he was on several ESPN shows and criticized Chris Paul on Monday. 

“For him to make comments supporting his opinion about the Chris Paul and all that I respect, I totally do, but you go up there and you tell your NBA brother, you go up there and you tell the whole world that this man doesn’t deserve his money when you was just in the NBA, I don’t know, eight, nine, 10 years ago?” Beverley said. “What if someone said that to you? You’d be ready to fight. But now, since you’re not in the league no more, it’s O.K. for you to talk about this man not giving the money he’s worked his entire life to deserve? I don’t understand that. Who raised you guys?”

During appearances on both ESPN’s Get Up and First Take on Monday morning, Beverley ripped Paul after a disappointing series and Game 7 performance against the Mavericks in which he said Paul “can’t guard nobody” and compared his defensive prowess to that of an orange cone. He also said no one was afraid to play the top-seeded Suns. Later in the day, Barnes, an ESPN analyst and former NBA forward, took some shots at Beverley after disapproving of his earlier comments. 

“There’s a thin line between being critical and disrespecting,” Barnes said on ESPN’s NBA Today on Monday. “And I feel like what Pat Beverley did today to Chris Paul was completely disrespectful and out of the line. And Pat Beverley talking like he’s that guy. You’re not that guy, plain and simple. Chris Paul played terrible and his numbers are still better than your career numbers have ever been.

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“You have to understand, Chris is a 12-time All-Star, All-Defense nine times, seven times first-team All-Defense; he’ll be a Hall of Famer. Pat Bev and I are similar type role players. They don’t talk about us when we go. They’re gonna talk about CP3 when he’s done and I just think the disrespect we saw earlier today on the ESPN show needs to be checked ’cause that was way out of pocket.”

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