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On The Late Late Show, James Corden is known to film segments with athletes and at sporting events. Now, Corden can add an F1 race to his list.

At the Miami Grand Prix earlier this month, Corden joined the McLaren Racing team to film a segment on his show. In the full, 13 minute video, Corden bounced around all areas of the McLaren racing team in an attempt to improve and prepare for the team for the Miami Grand Prix.

First, Corden “improved” on the drivers’s race jerseys to make them “more Miami-fied,” then took over and led the crew in the pre-race stretches, which included a salsa dance. 

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He also helped the pit crew prepare for the race, assisted Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris in their media availability, and spent time with Norris as the driver became familiar with the new track.

During one of the practices, Corden even had a headset on and spoke with Ricciardo as a crew member while the driver was testing the race. He even got Ricciardo to sing “I Want To Dance With Somebody” while driving.

In the end, Ricciardo and Norris finished the race in 13th and 19th place, respectively. However, who knows where they would have finished without Corden’s help.

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