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The Cubs went through six pitchers vs. the Reds on Thursday afternoon, including shortstop Andrelton Simmons. 

Chicago was pretty desperate in the eighth inning when they put Simmons on the mound – they were already down 15–5. The Cubs would end up losing 20–5 after Simmons gave up five runs in the eighth.

Despite the hardships the Cubs went through on Thursday—especially in that eighth inning—there was one bright spot. 

Simmons threw a 44 mph pitch, according to ESPN Stats, to shortstop Kyle Farmer, and the hitter failed to hit the ball after swinging at it. This slow pitch resulted in a swinging strike for Simmons, which was his only one that inning.

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However, just two pitches later, Farmer recorded a single off of a 47 mph pitch. Farmer would later score for the Reds.

Simmons threw 17 pitches at 40-something mph on Thursday, and his slowest was a 39 mph pitch to Matt Reynolds, which resulted in a sacrifice fly. Simmons’ fastest pitch was 77 mph, which coincidentally came right after the 44 mph throw to Farmer.

The Cubs and Reds ended up splitting this week’s series at two wins a piece. The Cubs finish with an 18–26 record and the fourth place spot in the NL Central, while the Reds sit in the last spot in the division with a 14–30 record.