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Nick Castellanos Interrupts Another Serious Moment With Home Run (Video)

Another day, another instance of Nick Castellanos hitting a home run during a serious broadcast moment on a baseball television broadcast. 

During a Memorial Day game against the Giants on Monday, the Phillies outfielder crushed a ball over the left field fence during the bottom of the second inning in his first at-bat of the contest. However, it wasn’t exactly an ordinary homer.

Castellanos’s sixth home run of the season came just mere seconds after Philadelphia broadcaster Tom McCarthy finished a Memorial Day tribute to American veterans.

Although obviously unintentional, Castellanos seems to have a penchant for interrupting significant broadcast moments. Monday marked the fourth time in less than two years that the 2021 All-Star followed a serious statement from a broadcaster with an impressive accomplishment at the plate.

It all began in August 2020 when Castellanos hit a home run as Thom Brennaman was apologizing for saying an anti-LGBTQ slur on the air during a game between the Reds and the Royals. In July 2021, the former Cincinnati slugger hit an eerily similar home run against Kansas City, as Royals broadcasters eulogized George Gorman, the father of Royals equipment manager Patrick Gorman and a World War II veteran. Most recently, Castellanos singled for his first hit as a member of the Phillies during Spring Training while Blue Jays analyst Buck Martinez was reading an apology from Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker, who had been arrested for a DUI.

It’s unclear if Castellanos has any idea about his knack for individual success during awkward broadcast moments, but it seems like his actions are becoming less of a trend and more like the norm. 

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