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As the eight participants in the men’s College World Series battle it out for the national championship, fans from each school descended upon Omaha intent on supporting their teams to glory. Along the way, they’ve participated in an alcohol-inspired competition of their own—though, to this point, it hasn’t been much of a contest at all.

At Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina, there is a prominently displayed leaderboard keeping track of Jell-O shot orders by fan base. As of the most recent update from the unofficial Jell-O Shot Challenge Twitter account on Sunday evening, Arkansas fans have a comfortable lead:

Other than the Razorbacks’ commanding lead, there are a few things to note here. First off, Arkansas and Ole Miss have raised the stakes to incredible heights and are the only teams to crack the 1,000-shot mark. Combined, they account for nearly 78% of all Jell-O shots purchased at Rocco’s, blowing away the rest of the field.

The next tidbit to note is the price: $4.50 per shot! At 7,922 shots ordered at the time of the above tweet, that’s $35,649 in Jell-O shot sales before factoring in tax and tip. Rocco’s needs to have a contest of some kind year-round.

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Finally, there’s the elephant in the room: the performance from the Stanford Cardinal. The event’s sole West Coast representative is also the only fan base that hasn’t yet cracked triple digits. In the roughly 18 hours from the time of this tweet to the writing of this story, let’s hope that at least seven Stanford fans joined in on the fun.