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Fred Taylor Recalls How Tom Brady Would Haze Rookies With Patriots

During the latest episode of The Pivot Podcast, Jets rookie Garrett Wilson was getting schooled by some former NFL players on rookie hazing rituals and one notable name was brought up. 

It varies from team to team, but rookies are often stuck with the bill for an extravagant dinner and Wilson couldn’t believe that he could have to pay for a $70,000 dinner at some point. Former Jaguars and Patriots running back Fred Taylor said Tom Brady liked to torture New England rookies in the same fashion.

“When I was in New England, the entire team went out on the rookies—if it’s 10, 12 rookies whatever it might be in that class,” Taylor said. “All I know is, that bill come back like fifty, $60,000 because Tom [Brady] would come in there and buy a three, four, $5,000 bottle of wine, take one sip and say goodnight.” 

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Clearly, Brady didn’t care that a rookie wanted to watch what they spent. When Wilson heard what could be in store for him, his smile dropped. 

“They ain’t doing me for 75K, I ain’t gonna fake it,” he said. 

All the former players in the room burst out laughing because the reality is the rookie won’t have a say. Wilson was taken with the No. 10 pick out of Ohio State and signed a four-year deal worth $20.55 million with New York. 

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