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Howard Stern Has No Clue What “First Take” Is, Gets Chris Russo to Reveal ESPN Salary

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1. As a die-hard Howard Stern fan, I’ve said a million times over the years that one of my favorite things about Howard is that he knows less than nothing about sports. This is a man who has chosen to play chess over watching the Super Bowl.

Stern’s total disinterest in sports always makes for amusing radio, and it did again on Wednesday when he had fellow SiriusXM host, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on his show.

As Stern does with most of his interviews, he managed to get his guest to reveal something they probably shouldn’t reveal. After Russo shared his joy about being a regular First Take panelist, Stern wanted to know what ESPN was paying Mad Dog. After light prodding, Russo revealed that ESPN is paying him $10,000 per episode and that he’s contracted to do his Wednesday hit on First Take for 40 weeks.

Russo must have blurted out the salary to show Stern that First Take is a big deal in the sports world because Howard had absolutely no clue what First Take was.

When Russo asked Stern whether he’s been following his weekly battles with Stephen A. Smith and his various viral moments, Stern was lost.

“Have you been paying attention to this First Take stuff on ESPN?” Russo asked.

“I don’t know anything about sports,” Stern replied.

A dumbfounded and disappointed Russo responded, “You’re not following that?”

“No, I’m not,” admitted Stern. “I didn’t know you were on TV, but good for you.”

Russo, clearly flustered by Stern being unfamiliar with First Take, went back to the topic later in the interview.

“How come you haven’t followed this First Take thing on ESPN?” an incredulous Russo asked.

This time Howard and Russo went back and forth for a few minutes about First Take, which featured some great quotes, including Stern saying, “I don’t know First Take from Second Take or Third Take.”

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Stern also questioned the philosophy of having two high-strung hosts on First Take at the same time. “Why go on with another screamer?” asked Stern. “Let me ask you from a broadcasting standpoint. Gary [Dell’Abate] says you’re a screamer, this guy’s a screamer. Is it too much screaming? Don’t you need a calm, collected co-host much like Tom Francesa or whatever his name is?”

Russo then went on to joyfully tell a story about getting complimented for his First Take work at a Father’s Day barbecue. The entire thing was radio gold.

In addition to First Take, the interview covered a ton of other topics that made for great radio. Among the subject matter discussed: Howard still working from home because he’s afraid of COVID-19, whether or not the two are afraid of death, LIV golf, a possible Yankees-Mets World Series, whether heaven exists, the Radio Hall of Fame and much more.

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