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NFL World Remembers Tony Siragusa’s Legendary ‘Hard Knocks’ Moment

Tony Siragusa’s death at 55 years old shocked the NFL world Wednesday and left, friends, family and fans mourning. The former Colts and Ravens defensive tackle was universally known as a fun-loving teammate and the world got to see it first-hand in 2001 when the Ravens were the first team featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

An iconic video showcasing Siragusa’s sense of humor made the rounds on Twitter as people remembered him and one teammate gave a loving message. 

Tight end Shannon Sharpe was teammates with Siragusa in 2001 and cameras caught a hilarious moment when Siragusa, nicknamed “Goose,” locked Sharpe and several other offensive players players in a room by blocking a door with a table. The big man, however, lied on camera and tried to pin it on the rookies but Sharpe knew it was him.

“I just hope the person who is responsible for that comes forward and learns from that experience and doesn’t do that anymore. Poor offensive guys,” Siragusa said before starting to laugh. 

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Sharpe addressed Siragusa in a classic clip where he says, “You humiliated me on national television, so I want restitution!” And players can be seen impersonating the line with Sharpe’s signature accent. 

After news of Siragusa’s death, Sharpe said goodbye to his friend while paying homage to the iconic sports moment that happened over 20 years ago. 

“I got one thing to say big fella. Next time I see you, I’m gon’ need my restitution. You embarrassed me on national television,” Sharpe said. “Rest easy, Goose.”