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Charles Barkley Helps Fan With TikTok at Bar

Charles Barkley is a hilarious household name because of his analysis and commentary on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Unfortunately for basketball fans, Barkley is notoriously against social media and has none so he goes almost radio silent during the offseason. 

However, one fan apparently came across the NBA legend at a bar and asked him to record a TikTok of herself. It went just as you imagined. 

Once Barkley took the phone, some amateur camerawork ensued and he asked “can I get myself in it?” 

“I want to do a selfie,” Barkley said.

Both Barkley and the woman sounded like they had one or two drinks before the video and were having the time of their lives. The two started to record themselves together. 

“How do I make this work for me? I want both of us to be in it,” Barkley said. “This is a TikTok? I want to do a TikTok where we both in it. I want to be in this Tik thing. I want to be in this with you.”

Barkley dapped up the fan before saying “thank you” for the memories. 

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