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Yankees Dugout Plays ‘The Bubblegum Game’ While Facing Athletics

During Tuesday night’s Yankees vs. Athletics game, the New York dugout played a game of its own on the field.

Bubblegum is a major part of baseball, as players throughout history have been known to chew on pink gum while they play. Well, some of the Yankees players decided to use that gum in their own game while the real baseball game was happening.

This game, deemed “The Bubblegum Game,” entails the participants throwing already chewed gum at some mark on the field. At Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, the aiming point appeared to be a divot on the field.

In the footage, the dozens of pink bubble gum chunks are shown scattered on the grass. The head groundkeeper, Danny Cunningham, most likely doesn’t enjoy this game played.

Supposedly the game isn’t new, but this is the first time many fans are hearing about it. Most fans called the game “gross” since all the gum is already chewed.

Additionally, some fans wondered how bored the dugout must be if they are playing a game with their chewed gum.

The Yankees ended up beating the A’s 2–1 to take a two-game lead in the series ahead of Wednesday.

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