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Baker Mayfield Says There Will Be No More ‘At Home’ Progressive Commercials

After the Browns traded Baker Mayfield to the Panthers on Wednesday for a 2024 conditional fifth-round draft pick, fans were naturally concerned over the football of it all. But people didn’t truly consider the possible earth-shattering ramifications that would be in store: the quarterback’s Progressive commercials.

A nightmare turned reality Tuesday when the new Carolina signal-caller confirmed there will be no more At Home With Baker Mayfield Progressive commercials.

During his first press conference since the trade, he said he wanted to do a moving out version of the beloved commercials but it didn’t work out. He called it a “missed opportunity.” 

The signature commercials consist of Mayfield hanging out in FirstEnergy Stadium as if it’s his home and doing normal chores on a little bit of a bigger scale. It would’ve been great to see Mayfield break out the moving truck to relocate to Bank of America Stadium, but it will never be. 

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