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Bills Mafia Is Sending Toilet Paper in Bulk to Von Miller

As NFL teams get into the nitty-gritty of training camp, players across the league are gearing up for another grind of a long season. For veterans who might be more than a few years removed from their college days, the stripped-down accommodations of camp life can take some getting used to. Exhibit A: new Bills linebacker Von Miller.

With the Bills holding camp at St. John Fisher University in Pittsford, N.Y., players are housed in the dorm rooms. While the camaraderie of living in such close quarters certainly adds a lot toward team chemistry, it does not come without its sacrifices. Namely, as Miller stated last week: toilet paper quality.

“It’s different being 33 and in the dorm room. … Toilet paper’s different,” Miller said, per Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News. “The beds are different. There’s no TV in the dorm room. It’s a little bit different. You’ve got to make up your bed and change it and do all of that stuff every day. It takes some getting used to, but I’m all for it.”

Miller was quick to point out that these small gripes were worthy tradeoffs for the team-building aspect of training camp, and that he was all for the conditions. But that didn’t stop fans from lending a helping hand in making their new star defender feel a little more comfortable in his training camp dwelling, sending the seven-time All-Pro linebacker all sorts of sanitary reinforcments.

“Football fans are great but Bills Mafia is different,” Miller said Thursday. “I made one comment last week about the toilet paper at training camp and they haven’t stopped mailing me different kinds of toilet paper and plant-based wipes and all types of things.”

This being Miller’s first time spending training camp away from home in his NFL career, he clearly appreciated the outreach from the fans, and is quickly feeling right at home with his new team.

“The great people here, they definitely make up for all the things you can perceive that to be missing,” Miller said. “I’m excited to be a Bill. Two weeks in, I’m feeling good and definitely feeling the love. I appreciate y’all.”

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