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ESPN’s “ManningCast” broadcast during Monday Night Football is often full of fun moments. In the latest edition, it captured a particularly exasperated Peyton Manning offering fruitless pleas to the TV screen during the end of the first half of the Giants-Cowboys matchup that was fun for viewers but, apparently, not too fun for the former Colt and Bronco.

Trailing, 6–3, at the time, New York took over possession at its own 20-yard line with 2:30 to play in the half. With all three of their timeouts, the Giants took their time getting onto the ball as the clock ticked under a minute to go and the offense at midfield. Manning pleaded for the team to call a timeout to get organized, repeatedly motioning at the camera, but to no avail.

From 1:08 left on the clock to :42—when it was actually Dallas who finally called time—Manning said the words “timeout” or “time” 97 times. Okay, it was actually only 15, but it felt like many more, as the clock kept ticking down and Manning grew increasingly agitated at Daniel Jones and Co. for wasting precious seconds. The Giants eventually turned the ball over on downs, giving Dallas possession at midfield. The Cowboys were able to move into fringe field goal territory, but Brett Maher’s 59-yard attempt missed wide left.

The moral of the story, if there is any, is this: keep the Manning brothers on TV, and maybe consult them for basic clock management pointers.

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