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Tom Brady’s Online Store Has His Viral Pregame T-Shirt for Sale

Tom Brady wore a T-shirt before Sunday’s game against the Packers with a picture of his high school headshot, a move that ended up going viral on social media. And as it turns out, the shirt is for sale.

The Buccaneers quarterback posted a video on Twitter and TikTok revealing that he is selling the shirt with the headshot as part of his “Forever Young” line on the Brady Brand website.

Depending on what piece of clothing you want, the prices vary. One can buy the picture on a T-shirt for $45, on a long sleeve shirt for $55 or on a sweatshirt for $100, according to the Brady Brand website.

This clothing line is the latest option from the Brady Brand, which also includes more generic shirts with the number 12 or Brady’s name printed on them. It appears as if this new shirt is the most creative of the quarterback’s fashion selections.

So, if you’re a Brady fan who has enjoyed his transformation into the player he is today, now you can get picture proof.

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