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Connecticut Governor Pitches Rule Change As Teams Keep Walking Judge

As Aaron Judge’s chase for the American League home run record continues, fans are starting to get frustrated.

Not because Judge has not yet hit his 61st dinger of the year—though they certainly are eager for him to do so—but because ever since he reached the 60-homer mark, opposing pitchers have stopped throwing him pitches to hit.

Entering Wednesday, Judge has played seven homer-less games since tying Babe Ruth at 60 on Sept. 20. In 31 plate appearances, Judge has walked a whopping 12 times. That included four walks on Tuesday, which brought the frustration to a boiling point—at least for one Northeastern politician.

Connecticut governor Ned Lamont weighed in on the matter on Wednesday, suggesting a rule change that would reward Judge with an extra base for each subsequent walk in the same game. That would mean that Judge’s fourth walk on Tuesday would be equivalent to a home run, bringing the interminable wait for Judge to break the record to a merciful end.

While Lamont’s idea may sound extreme, perhaps he has a point. What did Judge do in his first at-bat on Wednesday? That’s right: He walked.

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