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BYU has produced some good players in recent years, but their best athlete may not be on the roster. Instead, it could be the mascot.

Cosmo the Cougar, BYU’s mascot, showed off some impressive arm strength in a new social media video. The mascot successfully climbed two columns of folding tables stacked on each other by jumping up on all fours like an actual cat. When he got to the top, Cosmo then backflipped and summersaulted off the table and onto a gymnast’s mat to get back down.

The impressive feat was something that no one would expect from a professional athlete, let alone a collegiate mascot.

Cosmo showed off his strength during BYU’s 38-26 win over Utah State on Thursday night, but it was so impressive that he might be on the Cougars’ defensive line next weekend.

What is more likely, though, is Cosmo will try to come up with another show for during the team’s next home game.

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