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Scantily Clad Jaguars Mascot Gives Viewers Nightmare Fuel

It’s never a bad time to be patriotic during an NFL Sunday. But some people probably wish the Jaguars’ mascot toned it down a bit. 

In the second quarter of the game against the Ravens on Sunday, running back JaMycal Hasty scored on a 28-yard catch and run and cameras caught the team’s mascot, Jaxson de Ville, sporting some unconventional attire in the background.

The mascot was wearing his usual head but was also wearing a yellow morph suit along with a speedo with an American flag design. The mascot could be seen slapping his chest in the background, and naturally, the internet couldn’t help but notice the haunting image on their screens. 

Here are some of the internet’s best reactions to the scarring outfit: 

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