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Rams’ Sean McVay Takes a Helmet to the Jaw in Game vs. Chiefs

Rams coach Sean McVay was accidentally hit in the jaw by a player’s helmet on the sideline during Sunday’s Rams-Chiefs game.

While tight end Roger Carter Jr. was making his way onto the field, McVay was walking right toward him and wasn’t looking. Apparently, Carter wasn’t either as the coach then ran straight into his helmet. 

In a video taken of the accident, McVay appears to have hurt the left side of his face, including his jaw. The coach jolted his head back immediately after making contact with Carter. His headset was shot right off his head.

After the accident, McVay appeared to hold his left jaw and rub it occasionally. It’s unclear at this time if the 36-year-old coach was injured further.

The Rams coach hasn’t spoken about the incident as the game continues on. McVay has to be somewhat O.K., though, to remain on the sidelines to coach the game vs. the powerhouse Chiefs.

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