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Greg Olsen Calls Out Refs for Super Bowl-changing Holding Call

“I don’t love that call.”
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Greg Olsen has quickly become a fan-favorite analysts in the NFL this season, and his stardom was on full display in the final minutes of Super Bowl LVII when he sounded off on the refs after their controversial holding call against the Eagles paved the way for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to finish out their comeback and hoist the Lombardi Trophy. 

On third-and-8 with just under two minutes remaining and the score tied, Mahomes appeared to overthrow his receiver. But then the refs threw a flag and called holding on Eagles DB James Bradberry.

That gave the Chiefs a first down and let them run down the clock until they kicked the game-winning field in the final few seconds. 

Olsen didn’t hold back, saying he didn’t love the call and that the refs should have not made it in such a big moment. 

Here’s a clip of that: 

Twitter had reactions to Olsen’s call: