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Baseball Fans Praise MLB’s New Pitch Clock During First Opening Day Games

MLB’s newly implemented pitch clock made its much-anticipated regular season debut on Thursday, and the early reviews are in: people are loving it.

Opening Day took on a new look this year, with all 30 teams in action for the first time ever. And after a trial run in the minors last season and a spring training debut for the pitch clock this year, people had some time to acclimate themselves to MLB’s new normal. The results from the spring—when game times shrunk by an average of 26 minutes—carried over into Thursday’s action, and viewers were overwhelmingly pleased with the immediate impact.

The first game of the day was between the Yankees and Giants, with New York coming away with a 5–0 victory. The game saw seven different pitchers and 32 combined strikeouts, yet it wrapped up in two hours and 33 minutes.

Across the league, innings flew by at such a pace that baseball fans couldn’t help but laud the new setup. Here are some of the best of the bunch reactions from MLB’s hyper-speed Opening Day.