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Yankees Bat Boy Critiqued by Michael Kay Has Good Reason for Long Hair

A bat boy who went viral during the YankeesGuardians series this week due to his long hair actually has a specific reason for keeping his locks.

Being a bat boy is just a part-time gig for Nate Rosenhaus, as he also plays the drums for his band, The Open Doors, hence his hairstyle.

Without knowing this, Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay criticized Rosenhaus on air for not following the team’s longstanding strict policy on long hair. However, Rosenhaus is employed by the Guardians but worked as a visitor’s clubhouse assistant for the Yankees.

Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo heard about the bat boy and made an effort to meet him and learn more about his band. Rizzo even accepted a band shirt from Rosenhaus to help publicize The Open Doors.

The hair controversy surrounding Rosenhaus actually has sparked popularity for the band. Rizzo added, “Good, I hope it does,” via the New York Post, when told the news.