August 22, 2007

Round 1 (4)Shaun Alexander, RB Even with Madden and Super Bowl loser jinxes, he was still a monster late in '06.

Round 2 (21)Thomas Jones, RB Had I known so many backs I liked would be left later, I would have taken Chad Johnson here.

Round 3 (28)Maurice Jones-Drew, RB So I bought into those ESPN Fantasy HoF ads. Almost took him in round 2.

Round 4 (45)Terrell Owens, WR My favorite pick of the draft. T.O.wasn't himself last year and still had 13 TDs.

Round 5 (52)Javon Walker, WR I now feel better about over-investing in backs early. Walker is going to be a top-five WR.

Round 6 (69)Jeremy Shockey, TE I'm hoping that he'll get some of the passes that used to go to Tiki Barber.

Round 7 (76)Matt Hasselbeck, QB Last year was an aberration; now he and the Seattle offense are healthy again.

Round 8 (93)Joey Galloway, WR Overlooked for a guy who's a guaranteed No. 1 receiver in Tampa Bay.

Round 9 (100)Vincent Jackson, WR Everyone's favorite sleeper. But he's a great way to buy into the Chargers' offense.

Round 10 (117)Steelers DMike Tomlin. Dick LeBeau. 4-3. 3-4. However they line up in Pittsburgh, it's all good.

Round 11 (124)Anthony Thomas, RB Oops. Coffee spill. Lost focus on this pick. Get it together, Perloff!

Round 12 (141)Drew Bennett, WR Isaac Bruce can't keep this up forever. Move over, Reverend, and make room for the new guy.

Round 13 (148)Jason Campbell, QB He's the last quarterback with serious upside left on the board.

Round 14 (165)Zach Miller, TE Really wanted Greg Olsen, but Bears fanboy Duerson beat me to him.

Round 15 (172)Ronald Curry, WR Surprised this guy fell through the cracks. Will thrive if Oakland finds a QB.

Round 16 (189)Matt Stover, K Had meant to take a flier on Saints' Lance Moore, but I realized I hadn't chosen a kicker yet.

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