Last-minute med check, Week 4

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RED = Players definitely out for Week 4

YELLOW = Proceed with caution in starting these players for Week 4

GREEN = Proceed with confidence they'll play in Week 4



Justin Fargas RB OAK: Fargas is extremely unlikely to be active for the game and his role as RB1 is in jeopardy as Darren McFadden establishes himself as RB1A. Surprisingly, groin strains affect power backs more than speed backs. I'm really not sure why.

Joey Galloway WR TB: Galloway will miss another week as his 36-year-old foot heals.

Donte Stallworth WR CLE: The quad didn't feel good enough for him to practice this week, so don't expect him to play. Even if he does get on the field in a desperation move for the Browns, he won't do more than hope for a deep ball or two.

Devin Hester WR CHI: The Bears will let Hester rest another week ... unless he is completely pain free. The Eagles don't let many people say that after the game.

James Jones WR GB: He's out, leaving Aaron Rodgers with one less target. That's good if you're Donald Driver or Greg Jennings.

L.J. Smith TE PHI: Smith will miss Sunday's game with a non-structural back problem. This shouldn't be long term, so he's not a "must drop" at TE.

Redskins DST: With Jason Taylor, Fred Smoot, and others hurting, plus a bad matchup, this is one to avoid this week.

Brian Westbrook RB PHI: Westbrook is going to be a game time decision, but sources tell me that the gameplan is going to be built the same way whether he plays or not. If Westbrook plays, he'll get a few carries, but they're more focused on getting him in space where he doesnt have to make as many cuts and won't have 300 pound men falling on him. And that's a big "if." Correll Buckhalter is going to get more of the carries, if not all of them, so if you handcuffed, that's the way to go.

Carson Palmer QB CIN: Palmer didn't make it out on the field for warmups. Things aren't looking good here, especially with Ryan Fitzgerald warming up.


Le'Ron McClain RB BAL: McClain missed practice this week with "migraines." Some have questioned whether McClain's headaches were actually the result of a concussion. Sources tell me that no, McClain has a history of headaches and that while it's understandable that some would question this, it's not the case. McClain's status for today looks positive, but no one is willing to confirm he'll play or what his role will be if he does.


LaDainian Tomlinson RB SD: Oh look, everyone else thinks that Tomlinson's nice fantasy numbers mean he's getting better. It means he can still be productive, but don't expect more.

Adrian Peterson RB MIN: Peterson will play and get the majority of carries. The biggest issue is whether Chester Taylor can take some of the load off Peterson to make sure he's not overworked. Seeing 25-30 carries might be nice this week, but hurt your team down the line.

Darren McFadden RB OAK: McFadden's still affected by the turf toe and will get another injection before the game. There's no reason he can't be as good as last week, but no reason to think he'll be back to Week 2 levels.

Fred Taylor RB JAX: Sources tell me that Greg Jones might see more carries this week as Taylor comes back from both a bruised hand and a concussion. Don't expect another gameplan like last week, however. They're actually going to pass this week.

LenDale White RB TEN: White has a bruised shoulder. It might cost him a couple touches, but he'll still get plenty, plus the goal line carries.

Anquan Boldin WR ARZ: Boldin has been huge despite his contract issues. It might take a strained hamstring to stop him, though the mild strain he has this week won't stop him much.

Antonio Gates TE SD: Gates' hip is more of a problem than the foot now, but both make it tough to use him as anything more than a big red zone target, which can be enough in the right game.

Bryant Johnson WR SF: Emerging as a nice fantasy WR, Johnson's hamstring will have him limited even if he plays. That's looking likely, though he's a game time decision.

Sidney Rice WR MIN: Rice will play, but there are things he can't do in the pattern and he's having trouble jumping. I hope you have a better option.

Brandon Lloyd WR CHI: "Hip-pointer" doesn't sound painful, but it is. Lloyd will be limited ... ha, little insurance joke there ... but should play.

Eddie Royal WR DEN: It's Week 4 and Eddie Royal is just beaten up. It's time to sell high, though he'll play this week.

Jerry Porter WR JAX: The Jags are confirming that Porter will play today, his first game for the team. Note that they're not saying he'll start or that they'll pass enough to make him a good fantasy play. The hamstring isn't 100 percent yet and might never be.

Maurice Hicks RB MIN: Hicks could see significant action today with both Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor hurting. Peterson's going to get enough carries to make him a good start, but he won't do much more than last week, especially against the Titans D.

Derek Anderson QB CLE: Anderson reportedly was added to the OIR with a bruised right forearm. I can't get confirmation of the report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but this is just another reason to be wary of Anderson, this week and in the near future.


Brett Favre QB NYJ: Favre hasn't made consecutive start No. 257, but he will. Sources confirm to me what Adam Schefter first reported: the ankle won't keep Favre off the field. My concern is how much it slows him down once he's on it.

Donovan McNabb QB PHI: McNabb won't even need extra padding to protect his bruised sternum. He will be reluctant to run, which usually helps his passing numbers.

Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAX: With Taylor hurting, Jones-Drew could get some extra touches. The minor ankle sprain will cost him a little juke, but not much in the loss of points.

Willis McGahee RB BAL: The eye injury is still a bit ugly, though McGahee says his vision is fine. He'll definitely play and the downside here is the loss of a few touches here and there. His value goes up if McClain is limited.

Braylon Edwards WR CLE: Edwards is out of excuses. His foot is healed, his shoulder isn't an issue this week. Derek Anderson's future is in his hands now, but we all know about drops.

Laveranues Coles WR NYJ: Coles is listed as questionable, but he's played with the same injury for three weeks. Be a lot more worried about Favre's love of Chansi Stuckey than a minor quad strain.

Niners O-Line: Even with Jonas Jennings out, the line is adequate to clear holes for Frank Gore and to protect J.T. O'Sullivan in his quick drops.

Matt Bryant: He's a kicker, but the man's been through more than his share of heartache this week. Kicking a winner in a game he shouldn't have to play would be a fitting end.