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Young Guns

Rudy Gay: Theodore A. Wagner/Icon SMI

NBA training camps are open, which means RotoEvil is also on the floor, so to speak. As he prepares his exhaustive draft kit, he has been dropping a few pieces of advice along the way, like this story about which players under the age of 25 are poised to become stars this year. Does that mean these guys can move on from the rice cereal?

Steve Breaston, You're The Next Contestant ...

It looks like Anquan Boldin will miss this week's Cardinals game vs. the Bills. So said Boldin himself to Michael Irvin, reports the Arizona Republic's Dan Bickley. Irvin, whose career ended after a brutal hit in Philly, was checking in on Boldin, who suffered a fractured sinus membrane after being sandwiched between two Jets defenders last Sunday. With a contract to play for, Boldin may not be out for long, but for Week 5, it looks like Steve Breaston may get the caoll as the Cards' No. 2 receiver.

Two Down, More to Go

Lane Kiffin and Scott Linehan became the first NFL coaches handed their pink slips this week. Who will follow them? Pro Football Outsiders analyzes the odds and the fantasy implications for each potential move. And no, Larry Johnson owners, Herm Edwards' firing may not even be enough to save the season for the Chiefs star.

Closing Time

With so many bullpens in flux, most fantasy experts will tell you never to pay for saves. Still, it's helpful to know who has a step up on the job. A few weeks after breaking down the potential NL bullpen depth charts a few weeks ago, Rotowire takes a stab at figuring out what will happen in the AL next year. From the looks of things, though, plenty of closer's role appear to be spoken for. Of course, it's only October.

And The Answer In Denver is ...

Ryan Torain: AP

Ryan Torain. At least that's what Tom Casale at Sports Grumblings thinks will be the Broncos' answer at the ever-revolving door at running back. The rookie has been sidelined since the preseason with a dislocated elbow, but he is due to start as soon as he returns within the next 2-3 weeks. Considering he probably isn't on the radar of most fantasy players, the time might be right to slip him onto your roster quietly before the rush.

All Hat, No Cattle

The Knicks aren't likely to reach the playoffs with new coach Mike D'Antoni. But some of their players may help fantasy owners reach the postseason, especially if Phil Londen at Fantasy Basketball Café is to be believed. D'Antoni's up-tempo attack is sure to boost the team's offensive numbers, none maybe more than Jamal Crawford and David Lee, both of whom may get a freedom they didn't enjoy under Isiah Thomas. But there's a downside for some in D'Antoni's world, as Zach Randolph and Stephon Marbury (assuming he isn't bought out) will discover.

History Lesson

We've always been a bit puzzled as to where all of those weekly projections come from. This isn't to say we don't use them, just that we're not so sure of the value of their accuracy. Fantasy Football Today has a bit of a different look at each week's games, based on the individual history key performers have against a specific opponent. Clearly, circumstances have changed for some players (e.g. Michael Turner), but for those with an extensive body of work vs. an opponent (say, Fred Taylor vs. the Steelers), there appear to be some numbers worth considering.

Buyer Beware

We all have done it -- drafted a player early whose name and reputation warrants his lofty position, but whose current circumstances argue against is. Who appears poised to disappoint this fall? How about Elton Brand? Or Dwyane Wade? Or Baron Davis? Have your attention, do we? Check out why from the Fantasy Basketball Guy.

Come One, Come All

At long last, has a fantasy football game, complete with all of the drafts, waiver wires, stats and analysis you need. Take the grand tour here and sign up a league. Heck, sign up two leagues if you want. We'll be waiting.

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