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NFL fantasy musings for Week 14

• I'll tell you what else I love -- Matt Jones playing in Week 13. Of course, I'm happy because I own him in one league. What really makes me giggle, though, is the fact that he was busted with cocaine nearly five months ago! Commish? Commish? Is anybody there? There was a hearing on the matter this past Thursday, but there's still been no word on a punishment. The NFL typically doesn't suspend players this close to game time, so it looks like Jones will live to play another week in 2008. Consider it all a lesson in NFL drug policy -- take a supplement that doesn't list a banned ingredient on the label and you're going down. Get caught with a little blow in your possession? We'll look into it and get back to you later.

• I'm beginning to think this whole injunction mess will backfire on the Williams boys in Minnesota. If they start serving their suspensions this week, at least they'll be available for the playoffs. If they're allowed to play this week, or even next week while the federal courts sort this out, and the judge ultimately rules in the NFL's favor, what then? The heart and soul of Minnesota's run defense is all of a sudden MIA when it counts the most. Then again, without those two clogging up the middle for these last four games, do the Vikings even have a chance of making the postseason? If you're a Minnesota D/ST owner, thank goodness the scales of the federal justice system are on the case. They work much, much slower than Roger Goodell and Co. ... or so I've heard.

• Speaking of suspensions, Adam Jones was suspended, reinstated, suspended and then reinstated again all within a year's time. Now that's what I call efficiency. There's no telling if "Pacman" will "make it rain" in Pittsburgh on Sunday, but the forecast does call for high winds and possible snow. And that's exactly why I'm benching Terrell Owens in one of my leagues this week. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. Then again, if you've got Marques Colston on your bench to plug in as his replacement, it doesn't sound crazy at all.

• I don't own him, but Marion Barber III wouldn't come within 50 yards of any of my lineups this week. How'd that steel plate work out for Darren McFadden? Throw the league-leading Pittsburgh rush defense into the wintry mix, and it's time to issue a Clubber Lang-like prediction of pain for the Barbarian this weekend.

• Poor Plaxico Burress. Nevermind the hole in his leg, the jail time he might serve, or even the possible termination of his contract; he's now lost all his street cred (if he had any to begin with). Seriously, if you don't think the real thugs are getting a kick out of Burress' inability to handle a weapon, you're kidding yourself. As for my personal opinion of the situation? Plaxico should've been home resting his hammy instead of partying at the Copa. Rico and Tony ring a bell, Plaxico? Perhaps if you weren't shaking your tail feather so hard, the gun would've stayed put in your waistband, and we wouldn't be talking about how incredibly dumb this whole situation is.

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• You know who else has looked dumb lately? Me. You see, at the beginning of the season, I pegged Philip Rivers a bust (yes, it's in writing). Twenty-six TDs later, I'm forced to admit that I was wrong. I'm still not a big fan, and I still think it's the playmakers on his team that make him look good (see Darren Sproles' two TDs on Thursday night), but you can't argue with the numbers. In addition to eating crow, it also means I lose a season-long bet with colleague and fellow RotoExperts senior writer, Matt Greber. Although I'm still not sure what we actually wagered.

• Rivers wasn't the only player I've been wrong on this season. Braylon Edwards is another that comes to mind. I probably held out hope longer than most, preaching to anyone who would listen that Edwards would eventually get his act together and finish the season strong. Well, with Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson out of commission, that's not going to happen. To be honest, I didn't even know that Ken Dorsey was still in the NFL. Regardless, the Browns face the Titans, the Eagles and the Steelers in three of the next four weeks. I suppose you could hang onto Edwards and play him in Week 16 versus Cincinnati, but would you really want to pin your championship hopes on Ken Dorsey? Let me say his name again for you -- Ken Dorsey. Yeah, that's what I thought.

• Since we're talking about busts, I'll mention the bust no one is talking about -- Willis McGahee. He was drafted as a mid-to-late second rounder in most leagues, and isn't even in the top 30 in scoring for running backs. The worst part about it all? He's been supplanted by a 260-pound fullback who nobody had even heard of prior to this season. I'm not sure about you, but I don't know a soul who handcuffed McGahee with Le'Ron McClain on draft day. I have a feeling that McGahee owners would have had a much easier time swallowing his demotion if he had been replaced by Ray Rice. Don't you agree?

• Before we part ways, allow me to complain about a little something that's been bothering me. I've been hearing a lot of experts out there singing the same tune about LaDainian Tomlinson being this surefire RB1 and/or must-start each week. I couldn't disagree more. Despite his 91 rushing yards and touchdown against the Raiders on Thursday night, I am neither convinced nor impressed. Tomlinson has reached 100 total yards in only six of his first 13 games, and he has scored just four TDs in the last nine weeks. Notice I said total yards, not rushing yards. He's also failed to score against Indianapolis, Kansas City, Buffalo and Denver; some of the worst run defenses in the entire NFL. Tomlinson has become a plug 'n play for far too many owners based on reputation alone, and I'm here to put a stop to it. OK, so I'm really not here to do that, but I think you get the point. I'm taking Matt Forte or Thomas Jones over Tomlinson any day of the week, and depending on the matchup, a few other running backs as well.

Did I mention that I started Tomlinson in one league this week?