Celebrity Fantasy League update

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These are the confessions of a fantasy "expert," and I use that term in quotation marks.

In early September, on the eve of the first game of the NFL season, I sat behind my computer and participated in the first ever Celebrity Fantasy League draft on the Citizen Sports' fantasy football application on Facebook.

The other participants were Brooklyn Decker (SI swimsuit model), Phil Gordon (professional poker player), Michael Lewis (Moneyball author), Billy Beane (Oakland A's GM), Ronnie Lott (NFL Hall of Famer), Brent Jones (Former All-Pro tight end), Michael Phelps (Olympic legend), Jim Nantz (CBS broadcaster), Peter King (SI NFL writer), Jeremy Roenick (NHL great) and one lucky random participant.

Well, the first rule of fantasy football is that nobody cares about your fantasy football team, so I will spare you the details of all the unlucky things that happened along the way that caused me to finish tied for sixth with a 7-7 record. At least I finished higher than Gordon, who challenged my manhood by making me bet him during the draft on whose team would have a better record. Since I won the bet, I won't gloat and tell you how much it was for, but let's just say in my past life I'd be expecting him to pass me a yellow chip.

So enough about history and on to present day and the final four:

Playoff matchup 1:Beane Ball (Billy Beane) vs. The Houstonians (Jim Nantz)

Billy finished first in the league with a record of 11-3, but due to injuries to Earnest Graham and Frank Gore, hemay be an underdog against the Houstonians, who finished with an 8-6 record. Beane will need a big game out of his stud wide receivers (TO, Calvin Johnson and Dwayne Bowe, of which he can only start two) to have a chance against Nantz's squad. Jim was active on the waiver wire all year, picking up guys who helped his cause such as Antonio Bryant, Matt Cassel, Steve Slaton and Matt Schaub.

I smell upset.

Playoff matchup 2:Moneyballers (Michael Lewis) vs. Ronnie's Team (Ronnie Lott)

Lewis was scoffed at (mostly by one SI swimsuit model engaged to a famous tennis player whose name we'll leave out of this) during the draft when he picked guys like Jerious Norwood, D'Angelo Williams and Bobby Engram a bit earlier than most would have, but his partiality to the New Orleans region has paid dividends for him as guys such as Drew Brees and Lance Moore have carried his team. Add to that a backfield which includes Adrian Peterson, and you are looking at a team which I believe is the favorite to win this whole thing.

Lott's team has battled all year, but I'm not sure how good I feel about trotting out Shaun Hill as my starting QB in the playoffs.

Advantage: The-guy-most-hated-by-Joe-Morgan-who-Joe-Morgan-doesn't-even-know-exists.

The two winners will face of in week 16 and the winning team will have a $5,000 donation made to the charity of his choice.