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MeThinks. That's right, like a renaissance man (or perhaps a Hun), I'm here to share my insights, opinions, and advice on any topic that might help you win your league. Increasing player values, changing rotations, decreasing player values, selling high/low, general comments ... you'll get a mix of commentary here. Hopefully it's both helpful and thought provoking. I try to avoid the obvious most of the time, but sometimes, the obvious simply must be spoken. And you know I'll throw it out there.

Maybe you'll disagree with me. Good; I want to hear from you. One of the great joys of fantasy is debating the fine points with another person who is just as interested as you are, and doing it just for the fun of it. Maybe you'll agree with me. Good; I want to hear from you too. Tell me what other topics would pique your interest. I want this to cover material that you need, so any and all feedback is welcomed.

On that note ...

• MeThinks it's probably too late to capitalize on it, but if you notice that Larry Hughes (PG/SG/SF, CHI) is still sitting on your free agent list, you've surely got someone less valuable on your team. Word just came out that he spent the entire summer working on his perimeter game, and it is paying off to the tune of a career-high 43.9 percent from downtown. Apparently, the finger injury he struggled with in Cleveland forced him to change his hand placement on the ball, and he's shooting his jumper better than he has since the injury. In other words, the increased efficiency from deep is absolutely for real. That, combined with three position eligibility, makes him a top-100 player even if his FG% heads back south closer to his career 41.0. We can worry about the return of Kirk Hinrich (PG/SG, CHI) later, assuming neither of these guys is dealt before the deadline.

• MeThinks we'll be hearing a lot of smack talk from some very happy Randy Foye (PG/SG, MIN) owners for as long as Kevin McHale is coaching the Minnesota Timberwolves. Since McHale's arrival, Foye has begun to flourish to the tune of 20.7 PTS, 3.0 REB, 5.3 AST, 1.3 STL, 1.3 3PT, 44.9 FG%, and 100.0 FT% in three games played. According to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, that's good for No. 36 overall in per-game average over the past seven days.

• MeThinks that my expectations have been bested by a certain Mr. Al Harrington (PF/C, NYK), who is an even better fit for Mike D'Antoni's offensive philosophy than I could have fatdERON wIhomed. That's the only reason I can explain his No. 5 overall ranking over the past week. I betchya didn't realize he is so en fuego of late, unless you are an owner or have played against his owner in the past week. If you are lucky enough to command his services, congratulations. If not, read these seven-day averages and weep: 29.5 PTS, 7.8 REB, 3.3 3PT, 2.5 AST, 1.3 STL, 0.8 BLK, 55.3 FG%, and 87.5 FT% in four games.

• MeThinks it's prime time for snagging Deron Williams (PG, UTA) on the cheap. His value will never be lower, as he has shot a dismal 32.5 FG percent in the past week. Surely antsy owners are getting skittish watching their second- or third-round pick play like a huge bust. Deron dumped the ankle brace on Saturday, and he finally delivered a shooting performance better than 45.0%. He could have another off game on Monday against the Celtics and their elite defensive scheme. However, his schedule features New Jersey, who can't stop the longball on Wednesday, so you have maybe two more days before weary owners start to feel like he's back on track. Move now if you are one to enjoy bargain hunting.

• MeThinks the same holds true for Spencer Hawes (PF/C, SAC), who has shot around 30 percent in the past four games. The kid finished with a 45.9 FG% last season, so you had to expect he couldn't keep up his shooting accuracy, particular given the 1.8 3PTS he has been taking every night (he averaged 0.5 3PTS as a starter last year). I doubt he ends the year above 46.0 FG%, but he should have ongoing value as a big man who starts, blocks shots, rebounds well, passes nicely out of the post, and knocks down the occasional trey. Worst case, he makes for a stellar end-of-rotation PF/C for your team.

• MeThinks that, on Dec. 10 (not to mention his solid follow up on Saturday), we saw flashes of what Carmelo Anthony (SF, DEN) can do once he gets his elbow back in shape. I'm betting he plays through it, sits out the All-Star Festivities (assuming he gets invited), and comes on big time in the latter half of the season. Head-to-head owners should stand pat on Melo. For the rest of you, it wouldn't hurt to lob a decent offer over the wall to see if his owner thinks he is selling high after his huge 45-point performance (highlighted by an NBA record-tying 33 point third quarter) on Wednesday. With Allen Iverson (PG/SG, DET) out of the picture, Melo will have an open invitation to shoot and shoot and shoot.

• MeThinks we need to keep a close eye on Grant Hill (SG/SF, PHO) until the rotation works itself out for the Suns. He has been starting and playing well (top 20 in the past week), even doing well with new acquisition Jason Richardson (SG/SF, PHO) active over the weekend. Either Hill or Matt Barnes (SF, PHO) will move to a bench role once the team is ready to insert Richardson into the starting lineup, and the team has been suggesting they like Barnes better off the bench. We know Hill won't make it through the season unscathed, but he proved to us last year that he can be a fantasy asset so long as his oft-injured legs can keep him upright.

• MeThinks I hoped you listened to me about Leandro Barbosa (PG/SG, PHO). Go see for yourself.

• MeThinks that, if you're one of those fantasy GMs who likes to stream, you need to add Derek Fisher (PG, LAL). He goes on a couple of nice streaks every year, between his stretches of lackluster play. He's smack dab in the middle of a streak now, so get him on your roster if you need someone who plays on light game days like Sunday or Thursday most weeks.

• MeThinks you should use his 13-point, 11-rebound, three-block game to find a suitor who'll take Tyson Chandler (C, NOH) off your hands. All signs say he isn't coming around any time soon, so why not rid yourself of the headache altogether?

• MeThinks I'll be keeping my eyes on Juan Dixon (PG/SG, WAS). Look at his recent string of solid games if you wonder why. Sure, he won't keep it up all season, but sometimes you need a guy for one day or a few weeks, and he could be a decent asset if the assists and treys keep coming.

• MeThinks I'm very glad I don't own any Golden State Warriors in most leagues this season (aside from Stephen Jackson [SG/SF, GSW], who I do own in a keeper league). As always, Don Nelson keeps throwing darts at the wall to see what sticks, and the rotation is a complete mess. Much like Memphis has been lately, the rotation is just too much trouble for my taste.

• MeThinks the 45% ownership in Yahoo! for Rodney Stuckey (PG/SG, DET) makes no sense. Don't sleep on him if you need a starting PG with upside. Heck, that's less than D.J. Augustin (PG, CHA), who is owned in 54% of leagues and might not even be starting the rest of the way with Larry Brown favorite Raja Bell (SG, CHA) due to man a spot in the starting lineup. At least not until the team figures out what to do with career disappointment Raymond Felton (PG/SG, CHA).

Tommy Landry thinks he knows everything. Tommy Landry knows he knows nothing. Such is the path he takes. Fantasy existentialism or something. Got thoughts? Email me at, and I may answer your question in my next edition. Follow Tommy's Tweet stream on Twitter: