June 12, 2013
In his first nine games in the majors, Yasiel Puig is hitting .471 with four home runs and nine RBI.
Mark J. Terrill/AP

Beller: Agreed, Wheeler is in a class by himself. When you're considering back-end options for your rotation, your first question should always be, "Who has the most upside?" Adding a pitcher like this should always be low-risk, high-reward. Wheeler is the only one who fits that bill, so he gets the top spot. Norris has some strikeout upside, so he's next for me. He also remains a cut above the rest in my book. After that, you might as well throw darts. Porcello gets the nod over Quintana because of the teams they play for. Quintana gets it over Kluber because he has more of a track record. Kluber gets it over Skaggs because he's in the majors. That makes my list: Wheeler, Norris, Porcello, Quintana, Kluber, Skaggs.

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