By Paul Forrester
July 18, 2013
Now that he's playing in Dodger Stadium, Ricky Nolasco should see improvement in the second half.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Anyone associated with the Biogenesis clinic: Michael Weiner, executive director of the players association, told reporters this week that any suspensions handed down by Major League Baseball related to the alleged use of PEDs prescribed by the clinic was likely to see an appeals process that stretches into next year. So hold on to your Nelson Cruzes, Ryan Brauns, Everth Cabreras, Jhonny Peraltas and Bartolo Colons. Yes, and A-Rod, too. MLB will rattle its sword and the media will continue to report on expected punishment, but this is nothing these players haven't heard before. Many of them have played through the speculation before to post solid seasons. Fantasy isn't reality. No one has to approve of what they may have done; owners just need them on the field, and it looks like they'll be there for the remainder of this season.

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