August 07, 2013
The uncertainty with the Eagles' offense makes it risky to draft LeSean McCoy in the early rounds.
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Mack: Here is the thing with strategizing at the quarterback position: You might have to zig when everyone zags. If no one has picked at quarterback by Round 4, you have to open the bubble wrap on the position. If everyone is taking quarterbacks early in a one-quarterback format, you have to wait a bit. Matt Ryan is my choice there, particularly because he has not one but two elite producers at wide receiver. If some quarterback goes off the board in Round 2 or 3, my advice is to be the last one to pick a quarterback. Tony Romo is everyone's least favorite quarterback, but he can be just as productive as anyone. If you are talking about those drafted as fantasy backups, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer are potential favorites.

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