June 05, 2014
With Carlos Gonzalez on the DL, Corey Dickerson (right) should get a chance to stand out in the Rockies' loaded lineup.
Tony Dejak/AP

For Your Consideration

Arizona catcher Miguel Montero is becoming a valuable offensive weapon again after an awful 2013 campaign.
Jack Dempsey/AP

● Daisuke Matsuzaka's return to the starting rotation didn't pan out so well, with the former $100 million man allowing four runs and five walks to the Cubs in 4 1/3 innings. Matsuzaka hasn't had a bad year (even after this drubbing, his ERA is at 3.21), but it's hard to get excited about him starting again, since he's done absolutely nothing in the majors outside of 2008, when he won 18 games and was a top-five finalist for the AL Cy Young. Getting knocked around by the Cubs will only make it easier for Matsuzaka to be bypassed by fantasy owners when they're looking for a stream candidate.

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