The FanDuel 101 guide to fantasy football this season

Maybe you haven’t played FanDuel yet. What’s holding you back?
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You’ve seen the commercials and have heard your friends talking about it, but you haven’t played FanDuel yet. What’s holding you back?

Maybe you think you won’t understand or you’ll lose. For most, neither is true. No, you might not be the next millionaire center stage in a FanDuel commercial, but FanDuel gives you something to win on any given Sunday — where even garbage time is your time to shine. When you watch your players play well, you put points on the board, too.

Game play couldn’t be simpler. You’re on this site, so you already know football. Here’s how FanDuel turns that knowhow into real cash:

1. Choose a league.

There are plenty of free leagues to get you started. If you’d like to play for free with a chance to win cash, maybe you should start with this 50/50 league. The top half of the league wins cash with no strings attached. Simple right? You’re better than average, so prove it. Here’s one you can try

Feeling confident? How about playing for a million dollars? This one’s just for you then. FanDuel has thousands of leagues each week of the season. There’s no commitment, and you won’t be stuck in a league with a bunch of guys who don’t set their lineups after losing the first two weeks.

2. Select your players.

Yes, any player. You won’t lose your favorite player because someone picked him early in the first round. Players have dollar values and like your team’s GM, you’ll have to select a team that fits under the $60,000 salary cap. Pay big dollars for that star QB and pick up your sleeper WR on the cheap.

There’s no one right way to select a lineup. In some games, you can play multiple lineups, so if you can’t decide between those two great running backs you’re sure are headed for big days, you don’t have to. Sometimes the best choice is not making a choice at all!

Want to stick to a league with your buddies? You’re covered there, too. Create your own custom leagues, free or paid. Bragging rights are as good as cash in some circles!

3. Watch them play.

Here’s the real fun — watching the games. Let your guys go out on the gridiron and score big points. When they score, you score. You’ve played season-long fantasy. Put that knowledge to better use. And when you have the right lineup, you’ll win.

Whether you’re playing on your laptop or on your phone, you can watch the scores update instantly. Every touchdown, every yard, every big play is now sending you up the standings. Your favorite player is no longer just playing for your favorite team. He’s playing for you.

4. Collect your winnings.

Your account will be credited right after the final games finish. That bankroll can grow overnight. Don’t spend it all in one place, sport!

It’s really that easy. Don’t just watch football. Play to win this season. Set your FanDuel lineup and you’re in control. Grab a seat, grab your laptop, and then grab the edge of your seat. It’s game time. Are you ready?

FanDuel is running a $1 million fantasy football league for Week 1. Enter now for just $5. First place wins $100,000.