The trade market is really picking up in fantasy leagues, so to help evaluate any potential proposals, here are our NFL rest-of-season player rankings. 

By Michael Beller
October 06, 2015

The interim between Week 4 and Week 5 is when trade activity really picks up in fantasy leagues. That’s partially due to the fact that bye weeks can ravage starting lineups, but it’s mainly because player values, as well as team needs, have changed. Nothing lights a fire under a fantasy owner quite like a 1–3 start. The good news is that no matter where you are in your league standings, there’s still time to salvage your season. And if you’re 3–1 or 4–0, you can still jump into the trade market to take advantage of where you stand and make your team that much better.

Below we present our rest-of-season rankings. Consider these a cheat sheet for a draft that would take place today. While everything that has happened to this point colors how we feel about everyone in the league, these rankings look forward, not backward. They can also help you evaluate any trade proposals you might be considering.

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